“I wanted to make things. I would look at the samples made by previous students of the New Orleans School of Metalsmithing and think, “I am light-years from being able to do that.” I was wrong. What it took was a patient instructor who knew the craft and was willing to share both his time and expertise to bring my thoughts into fruition. You will work from day one. You will cut metal, you will work metal, you will solder metal and you will finish metal. By the end of that first class you will have something physical, but you walk away with something else: A belief that you have been introduced to a hidden world of art and magic. With care and dedication, you will be able to join and contribute to it.”

~Brian McCormick . LEVEL I


“I have taken four classes at NOLA Metalsmithing. Steven Donnelly is a creative and kind teacher, incredibly talented and willing to share that talent.  The way he sees art (and the world in general) cultivates a comfortable, inspiring, and creative atmosphere.  The beginner and intermediate levels give you the basics you need to create jewelry, boxes, and almost anything your brain can conceive.  The advanced class covers different areas each semester,  a curriculum based on student feedback about what they would like to learn next, including the new skills Steven incorporates.  Each student receives individual time in each class to ensure they understand the techniques and feel comfortable doing them on their own.  The amount of time and opportunities you have to access so many different types of tools and machines is wonderful.  Additionally, his assistant Seth Bitting is incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and patient .  Each class is not only fun, but you really leave knowing you learned something and have added to your creative toolbox.  The feeling you get creating little pieces of you from sheets of metal, with fire and your own hands, is indescribable. ”

~Shaynna Gueno . LEVEL III


“Steven’s style of instruction is one that I truly appreciate. He wastes no time getting to the key aspects of metalsmithing, while also educating students on the history and important properties of metallurgy in a fun, fast paced atmosphere. Working within a group setting allowed me to bounce ideas off of others, while understanding the importance of organizing shared space and resources. By the end of the class, I accomplished way more than I thought was possible at the beginning.”

~Sharbreon Plummer . LEVEL I


“I’ve taken classes from New Orleans School of Metalsmithing since 2012 and the level of craftsmanship and creativity in my projects has increased tenfold.  Under Steven’s tutelage I was able to bring my own strengths to the table, develop new skills and set a higher standard for my work and personal growth as a designer. Steven’s own work sets a high standard for us all to aspire to and his personal attention to each student is what really a difference. ”

~Marie McConnell . LEVEL III


“In my experience, NOSOM encourages the student to gain tacit knowledge of the metal medium and communicate in the language of metal through design and construction.  This leads to the creation of visually dynamic work.  Additionally, the program philosophy encourages integrity in the craftwork from the beginning, teaching students to be clean and precise to build soundness of handiwork, and stacks the odds for success in construction and soldering.   The student is also given instruction on healthy working posture, as to not damage the body, which is appreciated.”

~Aimee Eschete . LEVEL II


“Studying with Steven Donnelly at NOSOM has been an important and deeply fulfilling part of my life for the past 4 years. Steven’s style of instruction fosters both learning correct technique as well as expressing personal creativity. He is extremely generous with his knowledge, skills and time, allowing each student to reach their highest potential. The courses are fun yet maintain focus on using acquired skills in the real world/market place.  There is also a strong sense of community and camaraderie among the students which facilitates a great learning environment. I highly recommend NOSOM to anyone whether they are learning for a new career path or for personal growth.”

~Amy Yeostros . LEVEL III


“Steven is the Teacher for whom the modern soul is starved: a Classical Authority whose every act – whether of speech or of transubstantiation – is vested with the sovereignty of the timeless and transcendent. No one has ever afforded me the pleasure of so many poetic encounters as Steven has throughout the course of his lessons, for each is an exercise in the translation of a celestial language into forms appreciable by the human senses. He is a master artisan whose entire process, from Idea to Object, is imbued with the metaphysical guile of an occult scientist and the fluid self-possession of a jazzman. His Project is in sympathetic resonance with the Cosmos, and his heart is in resonant sympathy with his Fellows. Among the precious vitalizing currents that find their confluence within my mind and spirit, Steven exists at the vanguard of them all.”

~Leonard Joseph . LEVEL I


“Since retirement I have taken classes regularly at the New Orleans School of Metalsmithing. Steven Donnelly is a kind and patient teacher.  He has introduced me to many techniques:  soldering, raising and chasing, repousse, hydraulic press, tool making, and more.  The classes emphasize aesthetics in addition to technique.  His own creations are aspiring.  Steven is generous with his knowledge and challenges me to take my work to the next level.”

~Kay Vickers . LEVEL III