The LEVEL III advanced session offers a rotating curriculum from session to session. The class content is often decided based on a particular shared interest on the part of a group of LEVEL II students and continuing LEVEL III students.

We have, in past sessions, worked on the advanced application of such techniques as hammer-raising, cold-forging, repoussé, hydraulic die-forming, precious stone-setting and pavé. In additional, LEVEL III students are strongly encouraged to explore the technical content of the class through the design and fabrication of original work. We engage and advance each student’s competence in their own design process through the development of sketches, drawings, plans, paper models, mock-ups, graphic layout, and series-design. The effort here is to provide each student with the means to create a dynamic, original, and cohesive design approach, resulting in a visually distinctive body of work.

This upcoming FALL ’16 LEVEL III session is focusing on the venerable process of REPOUSSÉ, including creating and tempering your own set of repoussé tools. We will also practice hammer-raising volumetric forms from flat sheet in the creation of unique bowls and cups. This session is principally about advancing each students ability to engage with the metal DIRECTLY as the art material through the metalsmithing process.


*Curriculum specifics currently under development . TBA